The Characteristics Of A Good Catering Company

BOSASA catering teamEvery business both great and small experiences their fair share of operational challenges. Daily operations that lack procedure are ineffective and this is often one of the top reasons a business is unable to meet customer expectations and unable to realise a profit.

Running a good catering company has its own unique challenges that arise from the preparation and distribution of food. Whether it be catering for a small café or cafeteria or catering for large governmental institutions like prisons and hospitals the quality of the food needs to be up to standard.

Quality Control

When preparing food, especially in large qualities quality control is vital. Every aspect needs to be checked and maintained. This includes regular inspection of all machinery and equipment, as well as inspection of the food used in the preparation process.

Food that is past its sell by date cannot be used. Ensuring that the catering company also has reliable supplies is also a vital part of quality control and all dishes prepared from set menus need to conform to high standards. Whatever dish comes out of the kitchen needs to be consistent and standardised.


One of he most important characteristics of a good catering company is compliance. This means that all legal obligations and health and safety standards have been met.

Running a large operation can be difficult to manage but it is vital that the building and utilities are inspected regularly, that the staff adhere to the stringent uniform requirements and hygiene regulations are met. A nutritionist or dietician can be consulted to ensure the quality and standard of all the food produced.

World-class Facilities and exceptional service

To facilitate large scale catering for places like prisons or hospitals, a world-class facility is needed. The right equipment needs to be in place to ensure the end product is of the highest standard.

Coupled with this is exceptional service. A customer reliant on a catering company needs to be assured that the people served enjoy the best possible meal in the circumstances. Service not only extends to catering, but also to the timeous delivery of the food and the necessary tidying up after a meal has been served.

Trained personnel

Staff working at a catering company need to understand the role they plan in providing a superior service. Chefs need to undergo proper training and need continual support to ensure they deliver. A streamlined approach needs to be taken to ensure that all staff members understand how important good hygiene is and regularly undergo inspection.

A catering company is reliant on the ability of its human capital and investing in additional training will be an asset. Consulting of experts in the field will also greatly benefit the quality produced by the kitchens.

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