The Benefits Of A Vegetarian Diet

IFM | Cooking Tips For Vegetarians

Many people choose to be vegetarian. It can be because of religious or cultural beliefs or personal choice and in terms of diet and nutrition there are many benefits to vegetarianism.


It is a misconception to assume that vegetarians are unhealthy and not getting the right nutrients.

Chef Training

It often happens in hospitals or prisons that vegetarians are not catered for and their health requirements are not met. Catering management firms ensure that their chefs are well trained and are able to cook vegetarian meals.

Lower Risk For Lifestyle Diseases

Vegetarians usually have lower blood pressure and cholesterol and have a decreased chance of suffering from heart disease than meat-eaters. Because they eat none of the artery-clogging saturated fats found in meat, vegetarians often eat a much healthier diet.

In South Africa, there is a large percentage of the population that suffer from diabetes. A diet high in fresh vegetables and low in fat is very important in managing this disease.

IFM | Changing To A Vegetarian Diet | Healthy EatingKitchen Management

For large kitchens that specialise in high volume catering, it is often necessary to prepare vegetarian food separately from the rest of the food which will affect the design of the kitchen.

Supplements For Vegetarians

Keep in mind that, when you cut meat from your diet it is important to substitute iron in order to keep healthy.

General Well Being

The more saturated fat you consume the more constricted your blood vessels become and the less oxygen will reach your muscles. Because vegetarians consume no animal fats, they do not experience this kind of fatigue. The complex carbohydrates found in legumes, grains and fruits still provide plenty of energy to get through the day and are packed full of vitamins and minerals.

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