Decadent Valentine’s Day Deserts

Win your way into the heart of your true love with something extra special this February. Valentine’s Day is known around the world as the perfect opportunity to celebrate love. It is one of the most popular days for engagements and has come to symbolise everything romantic.

The 14th of February is the day we tell our significant others just how much we love them and how much they mean to us. It is a time where people exchange cards, candy, gifts and flowers with their special ‘Valentine’.

Decadent Valentine’s Day desert ideas

Valentine’s Day red velvet cupcakes - BOSASA IFMChocolate based desserts are by far one of the most popular desserts served on Valentine’s Day. Treat your sweetheart to a few of these sweet and delicious desserts after a romantic candle lit dinner for two. With a little know-how you can have a wonderful evening at home without breaking the bank at an expensive restaurant.

Try your hand at the following relatively inexpensive Valentine’s Day treats:

  • Home made chocolates
  • Red velvet cup cakes
  • Chocolate mousse

When making your deserts remember that the heart shape symbolically represents the emotional centre, affection, and more specifically romantic love. So use this as the perfect opportunity to make heart shaped cookies and sweets. If you really want to be cheesy use a red and white colour scheme for table decorations and even include red foods on your main menu.

Healthy Desert Alternatives
Valentine’s Day sugar coated almonds - BOSASA IFM
For health conscious people or those who have specific dietary needs like diabetics, there is a range of lighter treats to enjoy. Including nuts, berries and sweet spices like cinnamon helps make a healthier alternative to calorie rich desserts.
Try some of these healthier desserts:

  • Chocolate or carob covered strawberries
  • Sugar coated almonds
  • Spiced plums served with a brandy sauce

As with everything in life the secret is moderation. Eating well is vital to good health and making responsible choices will prevent a number of lifestyle diseases. If you are planning on indulging, make sure that you monitor the size of your portions.

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