Cooking for a crowd – Part 1

Those who have had the pleasure of eating at Mogale Diner know that the chefs in our kitchens know how to make good food. They don’t just cook the food but they make it with love, hence we get a lot of people asking us if we cater for events.

If you want to create delicious meals like our Diner does, here are some helpful tips on cooking for a crowd:

Large scale catering – BOSASA IFM

  1. The first tip for cooking for a large amount of people is to plan well in advance. Make a list of everything you want to cook and the ingredients. You’ll need that extra time to find those special ingredients that you can’t find in general stores. So give yourself time to collect everything you’ll need before the big day to avoid disappointment.
  2. Begin preparing your food a day before your function. Time consuming tasks like peeling the vegetables and marinating meat can rather be done the night before. You can also make salads that won’t wilt such as chakalaka or potato salad.
  3. When cooking for a crowd, it’s best to cook simple yet delicious foods that can be prepared in a timely fashion. A buffet style menu is advisable if you are going to host more than 10 people. Buffet style is easy because the guests can serve themselves.
  4. When deciding what to cook, consider the time of the year. Food choices change with the seasons. If it’s in winter, and the weather is chilly, consider cooking comfort food like sausage lasagne or meaty stews. If you are throwing a summer party, you might want to make colourful salads, platters of delicious hot and cold snacks enjoyed with fruity non-alcoholic cocktails.
  5. People are different and eat different diets. So where possible make sure you have a little something to accommodate everyone. For example if you’ve invited vegetarians add some leafy dishes like English pea salad or vegetable lasagne. Don’t forget to add child-friendly foods as well if your guests are going to come with kids.

These five tips are great for people who have never catered for large groups before and even those who’ve tried it once but it really didn’t go as planned. Following these steps will make it easier for you to cook good food with love!

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