5 Benefits of pre-cut food for high-risk catering

Catering in high-risk environments such as correctional facilities requires specialist skills. Only professionals in catering management can accomplish such high-volume catering effectively and safely.


One way to promote good diet and nutrition in high-risk environments is to use pre-cut and pre-packed food.

Pre-cutting process | IFM Catering

Here are some of the benefits:

1. Bulk purchasing

Buying food in bulk is cost-effective thanks to economies of scale. In season, bulk purchases from producers nationwide ensure the best fresh produce at the best price. Producers offer significant savings on large quantities.

2.  Dietary requirements

Specially equipped facilities meet the nutritional and preparation requirements of specific diets, whether for health reasons, religious or ethical convictions, better than kitchens in high-risk environments.

3.  Food hygiene

Preparing food for high-volume catering demands exceptional care. Professionals in catering management follow all the correct procedures. They package and refrigerate the pre-cut food to exacting specifications so that the food retains its nutrients and is safe to eat.

Here are some of the food hygiene requirements that might be neglected if the food were prepared from scratch in a high-risk environment:Food preparation | IFM

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water before and after food preparation.

Wash all produce under cold running water before preparation.

  • Keep fruit and vegetables to be eaten raw away from fish, poultry and raw meat, and from kitchen utensils used for them. Use a separate cutting board for fresh produce.
  • Wash cutting boards, utensils and countertops with soap and hot water between preparing fish, poultry and raw meat and preparing produce that will be eaten raw.
  • Cut away and discard all damaged and bruised sections of fresh fruits and vegetables. Discard all rotten items.

4.  Labour saving

Pre-cut food allows kitchens in high-risk environments to assemble and cook meals quickly and with fewer highly qualified staff. Pre-cut food saves not only costs but labour as well.

5.  Safety concerns

In high-risk environments such as correctional services kitchens, pre-cut food for high-volume catering enhances safety. No need for all the chopping and cutting with sharp utensils that preparation from scratch requires.

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