20 Benefits of Mobile Kitchens

All mobile kitchens need the right equipment to handle food hygienically and professionally. The most basic mobile kitchens are gazebos or tents. If they serve only pre-prepared and ready items, they will have a freezer or fridge, microwave and serving counter but not much else.

More sophisticated versions have cooking stations and preparation areas as well. Converted trailers, caravans and buses are also used, sometimes with added tents or awnings.

Top-of-the-range mobile kitchens are large, fully equipped trucks, trailers or containers where entire meals can be prepared and served. High-volume caterers have mobile kitchens capable of serving thousands of plates of food at a time.

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Here are 20 benefits of mobile kitchens:

  1. You can deliver bulk catering requirements anytime, anywhere.
  2. You can prepare and serve meals to large numbers of people at events and rallies.
  3. You can keep preparing and serving meals when regular kitchens are out of service or being upgraded, for example in hostels or prisons.
  4. A mobile kitchen can serve up to 10 000 meals at each sitting.
  5. Mobile kitchens keep food fresh and safe for consumption until it is served.
  6. They generate their own power and can be used in remote areas.
  7. They solve the problems of cooking outside or off-site.
  8. They are designed with special areas for clean food preparation and serving.
  9. They are useful for promotion and marketing.
  10. They build your brand by displaying the name of your business before many people.
  11. They are ideal for special events.
  12. You can plan where your mobile kitchen will be and promote your brand in the local neighbourhood through special tastings or giveaways.
  13. Mobile kitchens lend themselves to social media promotions in specific areas.
  14. Mobile kitchens are an extra, more personal venue that introduces your brand to more people.
  15. They are an advertisement on wheels.
  16. They allow for one-on-one communication with customers.
  17. They are a cost-effective way to start a catering business.
  18. Customers can see the food being prepared.
  19. Customers can get to know the small staff in a food truck.
  20. Customers can see that the food is attractive, safe and hygienic.

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